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First Day of Lessons

1.) You will need to  be 10-15 minutes early for the first lesson to fill  out  the registration  form  and prepay for  the  first week and registration  fee.

2.) Please park in front of  the big metal shop on the grass and use the sidewalk to come down to the pool area.

3.) Under the pavilion, by the pool will  be  the registration forms and envelopes for  payments on the white boxes.

4.)Once everything is filled out you can put the form plus the first weeks  payment  in the envelope and put both in the  white box and get your child ready for their lesson. Payments are cash only.

5.) there is a pool bath by the  pool  if needed. 

6.) My address is 2211 S Whitehurst Ave Homosassa, Fl 34448 or just put in PediAquatics. 

7.) It is very important to read the following eating rules along with a sung fit reusable swim diaper. (see info below)

8.) please text me with  any further questions :)

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Your child must be fasting for at least 2 hours prior to lessons, however even 3 hours prior NO Dairy, milk, formula, meat, eggs, fruits, veggies, or big meals. At the 2-3 hour mark dry  foods are  best, for example: crackers, cereal, toast, or if you nurse that is fine between the 2-3 hour  mark as well.

Lessons are scheduled back to back, you must be early and have your child ready on time for their lesson or it will be canceled due to the fact that it then puts all  lessons following your child running late.

For the  basic training and refreshers the cost is as follows: (please see  basic info and pricing tab for more info)

For lessons with Shellie: $100/ week/child plus a $25 registration fee/child

For lessons with Sarah: $150/week/child plus a $25 registration fee/ child 

prices are the same regardless if you miss a day. Please plan accordingly around vacations and other appointments. This rule is to help your child. The reason this program is so highly successful is based on consistent daily repetition of the lessons. Missed lessons have a big impact on how fast your child will gain confidence, trust in me, and their skills. So to help with that, there is no refunds or make up days for missed lessons. If your child gets an ear infection or other sickness that requires them to miss  more than three  days in a row, please call  me so we can make arrangements.


Ages 3 and under, or children not fully potty-trained for at least six months MUST wear a reusable swim  diaper (not disposable). You are responsible for providing the swim diaper. Cressi brand is preferred and will be the only  brand allowed soon. It must be snug fit, so do not go  up in size for it defeats its purpose. If you do not have one already your child can wear a disposable one the first couple of lessons until the reusable one comes in.

Payments: due on Thursdays prior to the scheduled week. A $5 late free for Fridays payments, $10  late free for Munday payments. This is for scheduling purposes. Cash  only. 

There is always a rare  possibility of your child not liking swim lessons regardless of swim lessons or swim instructor. Please always use encouraging  words  during and after swim lessons. Please do not let your child hear you say that they were sacred or didn't like it, instead say things like "Pretty soon you're going to love it!" and remind  them of how brave they are. This can make all the difference. Also get to a pool as much as possible for playtime. Maintenance and refreshers are musts to build confidence and keep  skills after basic training is complete.

There is also the very rare possibility of aspirating or secondary drowning from any type or water activities, swimming, and swim lessons. Again, this is very, very rare and will be due to an underlying heath condition. Always contact a doctor  immediately if your child has labored breathing, difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue, coughing excessively, or becomes unresponsive. Again, this is very, very rare, and has never happened, but most children I teach are three and under and may have underlying medical conditions that are still undiscovered.  I am well trained to monitor your child during lessons and will discuss with you immediately if I have any concerns. If your child has ever had any swallowing problems, pneumonia,  or has ever had any seizures,  it is very  important that you discuss it with me prior to starting.

In no way do these lessons replace adult supervision around water. No child is ever considered drown proof and even with these lessons and skills acquired it does not guarantee survival if they were to fall  into water.


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