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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you work with children that have special needs, autism, asperger, sensory or behavioral issues?

A: Absolutely! We are both trained to work with children that have special needs and behavioral issues. If we discover that these lessons are not a good fit for your child we will let you know within the first few lessons. Some special needs cases require doctors approval. If your child is older and I believe is too aggressive or overpowering I will not be able to continue lessons for safety reasons.


Q: Is there any child that can not learn?

A: It's very rare but I have had a few children with underlying medical conditions, one example being seizures, that I have told the parents that I am not comfortable teaching the child to swim. I have also started a few children and after the first or second day I may notice something and not feel comfortable continuing lessons. Also if I feel the child can over power me or is too aggressive I will not continue either. I am very passionate about the safety of each child and will discuss any concerns I have with the parent.  


Q: Can my child take lessons if they have tubes in the ears?

A: Yes! About half my students each year have tubes in their ears and I am very careful not to take them below 18inches. If their ENT has other special instructions I follow those as well. Some children that are still prone to ear infections even with tubes just wear ear plugs while they swim.


Q: How long do lessons take?

A: Typically between 4-6 weeks, at 10 minutes per lesson, 5 days per week. For infants and children 2 and under maintenance lessons are required to keep their skills.


Q: Do they have to walk before they can swim?

A: No, however, I do require babies to be crawling as that is when self rescuing skills become needed for safety.


Q: Is my child's eyes going to burn or be red/irritated considering chlorine is a new chemical being introduced to their body?

A: I have a salt water pool, so babies can open their eyes under water with no discomfort. 


Q: What facilities are available for changing before and after lessons?

A: There is a private bathroom located next to the pool, as well as a waiting area with picnic tables for changing infants available before and after lessons.


Q: Weather policy and best way to stay "in the know"?

A: My weather policy is if you think lessons may be canceled due to lightning try calling me, if I don't answer lessons are still on ... best I can do with this crazy Florida weather. If they are cancelled I try to text everyone right away.


Q: When can preemies start? 6 months old actual age or adjusted age?

A: I usually say age adjusted unless they are already crawling. Kind of a case by case.


Q: What is your policy on missed lessons due to weather or sickness?

A: For sickness or any other reason, as long as you give a 24 hour cancellation notice, you are able to make up the missed lesson for maintenance lessons. There is no make up lessons in the basic training except due to weather. If it's due to weather you are able to make it up or get refunded.


Q: Do you still offer the training for kids on the different stroke styles?

A: Only during the swim team from mid August to November or during private maintenance lessons . 

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