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PediAquatics of Citrus Swim Team 

Winter swim team: First week of January to mid March 

Fall swim team: Late August to mid November 

Group size : 3 Children

For ages : 6-12

2 days per week : M/W or T/Th

Time: 45 minute classes with time slots between 4pm-7:30pm

Cost: $50/week

Child must be a strong swimmer to start but does not need to know any strokes at all

2 swim meets at the end of each 10-12 week course ($25/meet)

Child must have Finis Adult stroke snorkel, dry top for snorkel, comfortable goggles, and if desired a nose plug. 

Child will learn perfect technique for all 4 strokes with snorkel, then when ready the child will transition out of the snorkel to learn the proper breath techniques, starts, and flip turn. 

How to sign up?

Text me at (352) 586-6695 and we can go over the details 

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