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Maintenance Scheduling

Important: Please do not schedule refreshers or basic training on this schedule, those are done on my main schedule (not online) and you will need to call or text me to be scheduled for those. If your child has already done the basic training in previous years, please call me to see if they need a 2-3 week refresher this spring prior to returning to maintenance.

Children will learn just the basic swimming and self rescuing during the 4-6 week basic training. After basic training is over, it is very important for your child to continue on a maintenance program so they can learn more independent swimming, keep their self rescuing skills sharp, and keep their confidence. The cognitive abilities of each child, within each age group are very different. For example, an 8-month-old may excel in the lessons and learn techniques very quickly, but the ability at that age to retain the information learned, becomes diminished quickly, within weeks, especially if they are not swimming very often at home. As children grow, the ability to learn and remember these techniques becomes stronger but children lose their confidence to perform their skills if they are not practiced regularly. I will recommend a maintenance schedule for your child's needs when the time comes. Normally and depending on age, maintenance is 1 to 2 days a week and then changes to once every other week over time to keep up their skills and safetyMaintenance lessons are $16 a day and is prepaid at the time you sign up below.
                       PLEASE READ BEFORE SCHEDULING
  • If you need to reschedule, you MUST reschedule 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, by logging back into your account and rescheduling by yourself. I can not reschedule your appointment from my end. 
  • No refund or rescheduling will be allowed without a 24 hour notice. This is due to the fact that I have very limited spots on the maintenance schedule and for scheduling purposes.
  • if lessons are canceled due to weather, i will send you a makeup code to use to reschedule. please allow 7 days to receive the code, as i am in the pool 13 hours a day and usually only have time on weekends to send them. if you have not received one that is owed to you please let me know as I have just forgotten or gotten busy or accidentally sent it to the wrong person. 
  • You can schedule multiple appointments at the same time by clicking recurring appointments and then clicking choose additional time

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