PediAquatics Swim School - Infant Survival and Advanced Swim Team

How to sign up:

  1. Call, text, or PM through facebook (If I don't answer, i am most likely in the pool doing lessons, please leave a message, I will call you back on my break, or in the evening around 8-9:30pm, or on the weekend) 352-586-6695
  2. I will ask you some questions and answer any questions you might have
  3. Then I put your child right on the schedule to start or if the time slot you need is not immediately available then you would go on a wait list (normally 2-8 weeks depending on desired time). When it is available i will call or text you to let you know. 
  4. Once you are on the schedule with a time slot then you will need to stop by the pool to fill our the necessary paperwork and prepay for the first week and registration fee.
  5. Your child is ready to start! 

  • My wait list works by as soon as one child finishes their basic training, their time slot then opens and I can offer that slot to the next child on the wait list. There are normally 10-15 new slots opening each Friday to be filled.
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