PediAquatics Swim School - Children's Survival Swim Lessons
About Me
My name is Amy Moore, and I love helping people, big or small! I wear multiple hats every day. I'm a mother of two sweet little munchkins, a wife to a loving, hardworking husband, a CPR certified Registered Diagnostic Sonographer, and, finally, a Certified Swim Instructor for child self-rescuing skills from ages six months and up.

I have seven years of experience in the medical field working in Florida hospitals, having cared for patients in the NICU, Geriatric patients entering hospice, and everything in between. I met Sarah, owner of Pediaquatics Citrus, in 2017 when my first child went through the basic training. That is when my passion for this program began. My dream of becoming a certified swim instructor finally became a reality when Sarah agreed to train me this summer. My training consisted of over 200 hours of hands on instructing. Which has prepared me to confidently teach your child water survival skills.

The remainder of the 2019 season I will be working in Citrus County as I prepare to move to North Central Florida for Spring 2020.

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